Virtual Asset Management Summit 2021

The Ultimate Virtual Summit for Apartment Owners who Want to Learn where the “Real Money is Made”. Discover the BEST Asset Management Strategies ALL IN ONE Place.

June 21 - 27 , 2021


Neal Bawa

Grocapitus Investments

LASAL Asset Management System

Michael Becker

Strategic Property Investment

How we Set Rents, Protest Taxes & Place Insurance

Joe Fairless

Ashcroft Capital

$4B Panel

Anna Myers

Grocapitus Investments

You Can’t Manage What You Can’t Measure - Best Practices in Systems and Data

Bryan Chavis

The Landlord Property Management

Assets/Property Management


Brad Sumrok

Apartment Investor Mastery

Keynote - The Importance of

Asset Management

Swapnil Agarwal

Nitya Capital

$4B Panel

What Makes Our Summit Different?

We focus on what to do after

you get the deal!

At our Summit, we focus on content that will bring you



  • How to become a Best in Class Operator.
  • How to boost NOI.
  • How to Overcome Obstacles.
  • How to Market your property more effectively.
  • How to utilize the latest Tools.
  • How to build Winning Teams.
  • And so much more!!! 

Click Below to Watch What Other Are Saying...

Seyla Prak

Thank you Kyle Mitchell, Gary Lipsky, and APT Capital Group members for the great Asset Management Summit and provided tremendous valuable resources. You guys rock!

Sandhya S Seshadri

Congratulations on a great summit!! Thank you for all the content!!
Gary Lipsky Kyle Mitchell                

K Trevor Thompson

Signed up and got VIP! This year was awesome, still have not had time to watch all the sessions, and several need to watch again. Great job Kyle Mitchell & Gary Lipsky    

Alexander Kholodenko

Great job Gents Kyle Mitchell a nd Lipsky, what a great event you 2 created.   

Oksana Zingman

Thank you Gary Lipsky and Kyle Mitchell for putting this Asset Management Summit! Great Speakers and great content! Very valuable and informative

Joe Rinderknecht

Kyle Mitchell and Gary Lipsky this was an absolute awesome Summit. SO many gold nuggets, tips and tricks that were given. I learned a ton and am doing my best to implement as many of the strategies taught!

Chat Sarmiento-Steinwald

Thanks Gary Lipsky and Kyle Mitchell for putting this 14 Days Asset Management Summit! Great Speakers and great contents!                    

June 21 - 27, 2021

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