Investing in real estate of any sort is a great idea, but some might say that things really get going when you make the switch to passive multifamily. Our guest on the show, Camilla Jeffs, has a journey in the business that has given her this viewpoint, and she joins us today to speak all about it! Camilla is an HR business partner, real estate investor, triathlete, musician, and mother of five awesome kids. After self-managing single-family properties for many years, Camilla and her family moved states and couldn’t take such a hands-on approach to their properties anymore. This was her passive investing ‘aha’ moment in disguise though because after hiring a property management company to take care of her properties, the only work she had to do was pick up a check! In today’s show, Camilla shares more about her journey with passive investing, telling us about how she stepped things up and got involved in multifamily syndication after moving yet again, this time to Arizona. She tells us about how entering multifamily through passive syndication was a great segue into the business. Joining this conversation, listeners will also hear Camilla’s thoughts about how she evaluates deals, stays up to date, and makes sure she only works with the best operators too.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Camilla, an HR business partner, real estate investor, and a happy mom.
  • How Camilla moved from active to passive investing after hiring a property management firm.
  • Camilla’s love of education and her favorite podcasts about real estate and motivation.
  • Advice for meeting and building relationships with good operators through meetups.
  • Attributes of good operators: trustworthiness, good communication skills, and experience.
  • The story of Camilla’s first passive investment: stepping up to multifamily after moving to Arizona.
  • How helpful meetups and joining a syndication are for getting into passive multifamily.
  • Camilla’s experience with the operator in charge of her first passive investment.
  • How Camilla learned how to evaluate deals and understand concepts specific to multifamily.
  • Tax benefits in passive multifamily; using techniques such as cost segregation.
  • The amount of income streams Camilla wants and how she arrived at that number.

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