Our guest on the show today is Alina Trigub, the founder of SAMO Financial, who has a passion for advocating the benefits of passive investing and empowering people to build wealth for themselves and their families. In addition to providing educational content on various platforms, she has helped her investors to participate in the offering of over 1,200 apartment units, a 10-million-dollar storage fund and a five-million-dollar mobile home park fund. In this episode, Alina talks to listeners about her journey getting into multifamily investing, how she educated herself before jumping in, and how she landed her first passive and active syndication deals. Being an educator herself, she shares about the value of the BiggerPockets educational community for investors and the books that have helped to shape her understanding of the industry. She discusses her process of vetting potential partners – which she compares to choosing a spouse – and gives some convincing reasons why multifamily syndication offers more solid investment opportunities than the stock market. Tuning in today, listeners will also hear Alina’s views on healthy diversification, mitigating risk, and the CRM tool she cannot do without! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Alina’s educational background in accounting and transitioning to the IT space. 
  • When she decided to look into multi-family investing and realized the tax benefits. 
  • How Alina went about educated herself before getting actively involved. 
  • Breaking into her first syndication deal and having to trust someone she has never met. 
  • Learn about BiggerPockets and how the educational tool can be utilized. 
  • How Alina got her first syndication deal as an active sponsor. 
  • Find out how she approached vetting potential partners and finding the right one. 
  • Why Alina believes multi-family syndications to offer better investments than the stock market.
  • Thoughts on whether it is necessary to be an expert in all the asset classes to invest safely. 
  • Advice about the best ways to diversify and mitigate the risks. 
  • Alina’s strategy for tailoring their investment approach with each new investor. 
  • The one tool she cannot function without and the biggest mistake she made in the early days. 

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