Patience, persistence, and research can really pay off in the real estate game and our guest today, Nathalie de Vos Burchart from Heathwood Enterprises is a great example of that. Maintaining her full-time job and her family life was a condition on which she entered into passive real estate investing. Nathalie started in the single-family space and has since gradually moved over to active multifamily deals. Her success has been in part due to her commitment to co-sponsorship, enabling her to mitigate risk, share expertise and collect useful resources. We discuss her initial focus in Oklahoma and her perspectives on local versus interstate investments. Nathalie kindly shares helpful tools and systems and how she has used them to build and maintain her portfolio. She explains her approach to time management and communication and the importance of staying on top of daily requirements with investors. We get into some great, simple advice for newcomers to the game and Nathalie underlines the usefulness of doing your research and partnering up when possible. Throughout the conversation, Nathalie comes back to the original reasons she entered into this endeavor and how she maintains focus on that, never allowing her investing to eat into other important parts of her life, even as it grows and makes her money! For all this and a whole more from a great example of making multifamily investments work for you, in the way you want, listen in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Nathalie's background and work in real estate, moving from single to multifamily. 
  • Starting out as a passive investor and building to a more active role in deals. 
  • The gradual and easy process of transitioning into this active investment position.
  • Nathalie's decision to focus on Oklahoma initially and the deal that led to this choice.
  • Weighing home-state versus out-of-state investments in the current market for new investors.  
  • Systems and tools that have enabled Nathalie to scale her amount of investments. 
  • The challenge of time management that Nathalie has faced as she has grown her portfolio. 
  • Communicating with investors and Nathalie's strategy for staying on top of this. 
  • Nathalie's advice for passive investors and things in the game they should be aware of.
  • The next five years for Nathalie; her investments and what she is aiming for! 
  • Advice for women wanting to get started in passive investing.
  • The indispensable tools for Nathalie's real estate work! 
  • Nathalie's two biggest mistakes in her investment journey and the lessons she learned. 
  • A maintained focus on family and parenting and how this plays into Nathalie's vision.

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