Scott Ringlein is the founder and CEO of The Energy Alliance Group of North America (EAG). Raised as a farmer, educated as an engineer, and trained in the auto industry, Scott never thought his “automotive” career would end. But it did and led to the creation of a company that develops solutions to what many say is impossible.....making our world more energy efficient and less wasteful!

After a chance meeting, words of wisdom, and a passion for being an optimist, Scott started EAG in 2011 to develop and deploy innovative solutions to energy, waste, and environmental challenges. With his team’s expertise of combining technical and financial solutions, EAG has been solving the challenges that companies face when considering efficiency and conservation improvements. A recent success was the installation of a highly efficient compressed air system at the Detroit stamping plant made famous by the film 8 Mile. It reduced their operational cost by 60% and achieved a return on investment during its first year of operation.

Scott also takes great pride in “Doing Good While Doing Well”. Recently awarded a trademark, Scott’s innovative program called Kilowatts for a Cause®, will not only increase the adoption of solar as a renewable energy source, but also provide a renewable source of funding to charity partners over a 20-25 year period.

Beyond thinking of new ways to help others, Scott loves spending time in Michigan’s great outdoors and hanging out with his family and friends, both human and fuzzy.

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