There are a bunch of factors that contribute to closing deals with finesse and David Lagat joins us today to share his skills in this department. David is the Owner of Bella Asset Management, a vertically integrated company that does multifamily in Texas and the surrounding states. The last three months have been extremely busy for David; he closed on three deals in just a week recently, so we kick things off hearing just how he handles so many transactions in such a short period. David weighs in on the role of partnerships in helping him acquire the deals with ease. He talks about how he set up bank lines of credit and their use to him for nabbing deals quickly. In this conversation, David also gets into the place of KPI tracking, vertical integration, and a team filled with A players in his process of being such a skillful deal closer. Another important theme we touch on today is David’s plan regarding integrating his acquisitions into his portfolio so they perform optimally. So for all this and more about the systems needed to close deals as David does, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing David, his company Bella Asset Management, and the areas it focuses on.
  • Partners and getting in at the right time; how David closes three deals per week.
  • How David is going to integrate his new properties into his portfolio so they perform well.
  • The three to five year hold time and David’s exit plan for the properties.
  • David’s use of a bank line of credit and how he established the relationships to get it.
  • The value of hiring great people for making assets perform at their best.
  • Tracking KPIs and why David’s asset management superpower is his ability to be present.
  • How to find David online and learn more about him.


“We try to hire tens, you know? We try to hire people that will go above and beyond because they are the first line of defense.” — @davidla37853199 [0:05:13]

“Every single day we have the KPIs we track. It comes down to two main things, the delinquency and the occupancy.” — @davidla37853199 [0:05:59]

“Having accurate data and being able to allocate your marketing dollars best on the dollars you got, gives you an edge.” — @davidla37853199 [0:06:33]

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