Asset management is such a huge piece of real estate investing that is not talked about enough. We need to continue to push resources and information about asset management out there so that people can continue to learn about it! Today on the show, we have our very own Gary Lipsky and Kyle Mitchell, and we have some news to share today! We are excited to announce that we will be launching our course, Asset Management Mastery, on May 3rd, 2021! Join in today as we talk all about what the course is, who it has been created for, the heart and mission behind it, and more on our FREE Asset Management Summit coming on June 21st, 2021! Stay tuned for all this, and more, in today’s episode.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • The inspiration behind Asset Management Mastery Course and why it was created.
  • Who the course is for: those who currently own or would someday like to own property.
  • Why it is critical that you understand what good asset management looks like. 
  • A few tips about what a passive investor should know and what questions to ask to properly vet your potential sponsor.
  • Outcomes associated with the course, like leaving confident enough to be successful.
  • The cost and structure of the course: seven weeks, two hours a week, and a special offering.
  • Topics to be included in the course: everything from due diligence to disposition!
  • Hear about the FREE Asset Management Summit, coming June 21st, 2021.
  • Speakers and topics to be covered at the summit, like Brian Burke on refinancing, Neil Boa on data, or Ashley Wilson on construction management. 
  • Kyle speaks about the Q&A and the benefits of participating in it (at the summit).
  • More about the Whova App and how we are utilizing that during the summit. 
  • We share the different sponsors of the summit this year.


“We want to help investors and operators become best-in-class. The only way to do that is delve into all the different aspects of asset management, and that’s what we do in [our new Asset Management Mastery Course].” —@garylipsky [0:01:20]

“Even if you took away one tidbit from [our] course, that would pay huge dividends because that’s how powerful good asset management can be.” —@garylipsky [0:04:00]

“Asset management is such a huge piece of investing in real estate that is not talked about enough. It needs to continue to be pushed out there and people need to continue to learn about it! ” — Kyle Mitchell [0:11:08]

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