New laws are coming into effect that impacts how you raise capital and who you can bring onto deals as accredited investors. To explain these changes, we welcome syndicator and securities lawyer Gene Trowbridge back onto the show. After chatting about his professional history, we dive into the topic, with Gene unpacking why spousal equivalence is a game-changer for many couples who want to invest. He then reflects on how the new legislation will affect the family office and 401(k) world before. Later, we touch on why you shouldn’t be concerned over ‘finder’s-fees’ legislation proposals, the importance of due diligence, and how changes to integration rulings might endanger your deals. Gene wraps up our conversation by highlighting why he only signs onto deals that can survive without its sponsor. Tune in to hear the latest SEC rules from expert lawyer Gene Trowbridge. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Find out about securities lawyer and today’s guest, Gene Trowbridge.
  • Gene unpacks the new legislation around raising capital.
  • Insights into how many more households can now be accredited investors. 
  • Why we shouldn't be concerned about ‘finder’s-fees’ legislation proposals.
  • The importance of doing due diligence, especially in light of changing legislature. 
  • How the new integration rulings affect your deals. 
  • Gene talks about his asset management superpower. 
  • Why Gene looks for continuity before investing in any deal.


“The government did say that their legislation will increase the number of accredited investor households in the United States up to 16 million.” — Gene Trowbridge [0:04:18]

“There are gurus out there talking about the new legislation. They don’t understand it and they are giving people bad advice.” — Gene Trowbridge [0:07:30]

“Make sure you have continuity in your asset management structure to protect your investors and to protect your asset.” — Gene Trowbridge [0:12:37]

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