When it comes to value-add strategies, spending your CapEx budget on features that will boost your NOI as much as possible is a must. Today’s guest is Sandhya Seshadri and she joins us to talk about the amazing value-add strategy she implemented on her 86-door property in Cleburne. Since purchasing the property in 2019, Sandhya and her team have been able to upgrade the property significantly using their CapEx budget, and are seeing big gains to their NOI as a result. Our guest begins by sharing some of the specs relating to the purchase of the property. Then we hear about upgrades Sandhya and her team made to the interior and exterior of the property, and some energy-saving features that were added as well. Sandhya shares figures about how these additions boosted NOI by allowing rent raises and savings on utilities too. Wrapping up, Sandhya weighs in on how her gift for building relationships with her property management team helped her value add strategy run even more smoothly. Tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Sandhya and her journey from electrical engineering into real estate.
  • Specs on Sanhya’s 86-door property in Cleburne; purchase price, CapEx budget, and more.
  • The value-add strategy Sandhya used on the property and how it helped her raise rents.
  • How the patios that Sandhya added to her townhouses impacted her NOI.
  • Whether Sandhya did the renovations all at once or in stages and why.
  • Energy conserving adjustments Sandhya made to the property and their effect on NOI.
  • Sandhya’s superpower: Building relationships with her property management company.
  • Incentives Sandhya offers to different people in her property management company.
  • Where to find out more about Sandhya and connect with her online.


“At a $15K per year of direct impact to the NOI on a six cap, you’re talking $250K impact.” — Sandhya Seshadri [0:03:45]

“Overall, after implementing all of these changes, our cost was under half a million, more like $440K or so, and we’ve realized $2.3 million in impact to our NOI.” — Sandhya Seshadri [0:06:47]

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