Bob Trapnell is a true So Cal resident having been born and raised in the area. He attended UCLA  and ventured into real estate in 1991. For 17 years he specialized in doing loans- mostly as an in-house lender sitting at a desk in the Fred Sands Realty and Keller Williams offices. During the loan career in the 90s he jumped into buying apartments. 1994 was his first purchase of a 6 unit building.  Having no more funds, he researched how to do syndications. January 1995 was the start of numerous other properties that were then purchased with his partners and other investors. Bob attributes many of his purchases to the loan background and being able to think out of the box and use creative financing to attain the deals.

Bob and his partners sold all the properties in 2005 and 2006 as the market had seemed to reach its maturation point.  Watching carefully in the downturn for new opportunities to get back into the market, 2009 he started buying via the syndications and has now completed the purchase of 10 properties totaling 236 units. Two of them have been sold and investors reaped some nice returns from the properties (24 and 33% annualized returns, respectively).

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