“You do not rise to your successes, you fall to your standards.” These are the powerful words of today’s guest, Vikram Raya, who believes that a potent and optimistic mindset is the number 1 key you need on your journey to financial freedom. Active in Multifamily Real Estate since 2015, Vikram Raya is an international speaker, high-performance coach and is the recipient of the prestigious outstanding 50 Asian Americans in Business Award on Wall Street. In addition, he is also a trained cardiologist, a functional medicine physician, and CEO Founder of Viking Capital Investments, and today we are privileged to have him on the show as he shares the multiple ways you can get real estate into your life. Vikram shares with us how he balances being a hugely successful multifamily investor as well as a practicing physician and full-time family man, and how he uses his time and energy to its maximum efficiency in getting him where he wants to go. Plus, we get to hear his 10-S formula to becoming limitless, using relatable and all-too-familiar examples. If you're looking to be informed and inspired, no matter where you are in your journey, press play to join this conversation now!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Vikram shares his career arc in real estate, and why he moved from single-family homes to multifamily.
  • How he balances his life between being a multifamily investor and a practicing physician.
  • Vikram talks about teamwork, making mindset shifts, and raising capital as a superpower. 
  • Defining your non-negotiables, and then always moving towards your aspirations.
  • Creating pockets of time and using every moment you have to get things done.
  • Quitting traditional cardiology to start a new way of doing it. 
  • How anyone can raise capital, no matter what job you do. 
  • Vikram runs us through his 10-S formula to becoming limitless!
  • How to become more aware so you can implement the 10 S's.
  • Vikram shares his own personal strategies for savoring and surrendering.
  • We hear 2 recommendations where you can learn to embody the magic of hustle and flow. 
  • Learning a tool from his high-performance program: the forward gap and the reverse gap.
  • What the one tool is that Vikram cannot do without. 
  • He shares his biggest mistake so far in real estate investing.
  • What he needs to do now to grow to the next level!

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