When it comes to real estate investing, it’s a common perception that the Meetup space is overcrowded. Today’s guest Dallon Schultz started his own meetup anyway and even though it was temporarily shut down by COVID after only two events, he has since managed to grow it into the largest monthly gathering in Arizona. In this episode, Dallon explains how he began his career as an ER nurse and how a broken leg led him to get involved in real estate investing. He explains how he first started the REV Multifamily Meetup, how he was able to grow it despite the COVID pandemic, and what separates his meetup from many others. Tuning in you’ll hear Dallon break down the three things that he believes helped the growth of his meetup, the value of building relationships, and the importance of acknowledging that you can’t do it all on your own. To discover the value of meetups, find out how to attend one of Dallon’s meetups, or even start your own, tune in today! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Dallon Schultz and his career in real estate.
  • How a broken leg led him to transition from being an ER nurse to real estate investing. 
  • How he started the REV Family Meetup and how he was able to grow it. 
  • What separates Dallon’s meetups from others.
  • The systemized approach Dallon takes to his meetups. 
  • The importance of being persistent and consistent and how his meetup was affected by COVID.  
  • How the biggest factor to the success of his meetups is that he stopped trying to do everything himself.
  • Thoughts on whether or not meetups are a crowded space and Dallon’s advice to anyone wanting to start their own.
  • How Dallon’s meetup has benefited him in terms of relationships and credibility.  
  • Why Dallon chose to get into ground-up development as opposed to the multifamily value add space. 
  • The one tool Dallon uses in real estate investing that he cannot do without: A CRM because he values relationships.  
  • How one of his biggest mistakes in real estate investing was trying to do it all on his own. 
  • How finding joy in the journey and perfecting delegation are the things Dallon needs to do to grow his life to the next level.
  • How to attend a meetup in person or virtually.

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