There are so many different ways to approach real estate investing, and any strategy should suit the investor and their needs. Today on the show we are joined by Christian Ross to talk about a path that might just suit you more than you think! We are going to be talking about investing abroad, and the exciting possibilities that are offered by buying overseas. Christian has set up a great service, through which she helps her clients 'fly and buy' at great value, and she gets into exactly why this is so appealing to her clients. With a focus on The Dominican Republic, we look at the profitability and upturn of this method, with our guest talking about Airbnb, ROI, and so much more to get you completely clued up! Christian underlines the enjoyment that comes with investing abroad, and why it might not be as tricky as some people say. We also discuss the ins and out of property management, timelines for purchases and renovations, and how Christian found herself in this niche in the first place. So for an illuminating chat about a subject that you may have been neglecting, be sure to join us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Christian's background, her current position, and the service she provides her clients. 
  • The work that Christian has done investing in overseas markets and her entry into this space.
  • Effective methods for finding clients; Christian's own process for new connections. 
  • The buying process with Christian and decisions around site and neighborhood visits.
  • Flying and buying with Christian; the amazing all-inclusive package she offers their clients!
  • Christian's connection to Punta Cana and how she set up relationships and a base there.
  • Thoughts on the value of investing abroad and why Christian believes it suits certain people.
  • Potential drawbacks and hurdles for overseas investments; financing and timelines.
  • The most common usages of the real estate that Christian is selling aboard. 
  • Unpacking the timelines for development and managing investor expectations. 
  • How Christian goes about identifying great locations and properties!
  • Airbnb management for the properties; the typical way that Christian helps her clients get set up. 
  • The important numbers from this model; occupancy and returns per year.  
  • Why proximity is so central to customer confidence in an overseas investment.
  • Christian's favorite real estate tool, biggest investment mistakes, and her ambitions for the future! 

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