Henry Daas is a serial entrepreneur, business coach, screenwriter, and personal finance coach, who has recently compiled his six decades of financial knowledge and experience in his book, FQ: Financial Intelligence. On today’s episode, we talk to Henry about building financial intelligence, money traps, and the power of coaching. We kick off our episode with some background on Henry’s experience as an entrepreneur and how this informs his work as a coach. He shares his greatest achievement to date and how he was able to succeed in this endeavor and we talk about the difference between scaling and growing. Next, Henry tells us all about what drove him to hire a coach and he explains why he chooses elegant solutions over brute force. We dive into Henry’s article, ‘Five Reasons Small Businesses Fail’, and he tells us what he thinks of as the biggest money trap. We talk about the two things that form the basis of a healthy business and Henry gives us the scoop on his newly published book, FQ: Financial Intelligence. In conclusion, Henry shares some of the challenges you can expect moving from “cubicle world” to working for yourself. Tune in for an inspiring episode packed with plenty of practical tips to empower you on the road to success! We hope you join us. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to Henry Daas and his work in coaching, real estate, and finance.
  • Henry’s introduction to the personal development space and why he chose to stay.
  • How his experience as an entrepreneur informs his work as a coach.
  • What he considers his greatest achievement: building a leasing company from scratch.
  • The key factors that enabled him to scale the business.
  • The difference between scaling and growing.
  • What drove Henry to hire a coach.
  • Why he chooses elegant solutions over brute force.
  • A summary of Henry’s article, ‘Five Reasons Small Businesses Fail’.
  • The biggest money trap, according to Henry: confusing your top line number with your gross revenue, and not taking your margin into account. 
  • The two things you need to know to analyze a business: cash flow and gross margin.
  • The scoop on Henry’s book, FQ: Financial Intelligence.
  • Some of the challenges of working for yourself in comparison to “cubicle world.”
  • The one tool Henry could not do without; Calendly.
  • The biggest investment mistake Henry has made.
  • What he is focusing on in the next chapter of his life.

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