While it may take some time to establish yourself in the real estate business, today’s guest, Bailey Kramer is making waves at the young age of just 21. Bailey is a real estate investor, entrepreneur, and podcast host based in Orlando, Florida, who uncovered his passion for real estate investing after reading Rich Dad, Poor Dad when he was just 19 years old. Since then, Bailey has focused on acquiring properties using creative financing strategies and also co-founded Property Dogs which serves many investors across the nation. He attributes much of his success to his network. Today, he shares with us how he has achieved so much in just two years. Tuning in, you’ll hear how he developed a passion for real estate, how he completed his first deal at the age of 20, and what his investment strategy is going forward. Bailey believes strongly in the power of networking to fill in the gaps in your own experience and gives his top three strategies for growing your own network at any stage of your career. Tune in today to find out how you can use text campaigns to find off-market deals and discover how networking may hold the key to your future success!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • An introduction to today’s guest, 21-year-old real estate investor, Bailey Kramer.
  • The influence of the book Rich Dad, Poor Dad on Bailey’s career.
  • What Bailey has learned in his two years of being an entrepreneur in terms of education and networking. 
  • The story of Bailey’s first deal when he was just 20 years old: a fix and flip. 
  • The challenges posed by COVID to his first deal. 
  • Bailey’s investment strategy going forward and the asset classes he’s interested in. 
  • Why Bailey chose those types of asset classes versus multifamily. 
  • The number one thing that Bailey believes has attributed to his success: his network. 
  • The biggest limiting belief Bailey had to get over when he first started out. 
  • Bailey’s three strategies for anybody trying to grow their network: Podcasts, BiggerPockets, and Facebook groups.
  • Bailey’s experience with mastermind groups and what he has gained from them.
  • How Bailey goes about finding off-market deals. 
  • Bailey gives a breakdown of the conversion rates from his text campaigns. 
  • How he goes about perfecting the messaging in his text campaigns. 

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