With the events of the COVID-19 pandemic, the world has become increasingly online, off-site, virtual, and remote. While real estate investing might be something that you may not believe can be done remotely, today’s guest is proving that it can! Alicia Jarrett is an international real estate investor, educator, and entrepreneur who is based in Australia. Four years ago, she and her partner Matthew began conducting deals in the USA. In spite of the distance, a 14-hour time zone difference, and no experience, they have built a successful real estate company in the USA as well as a real estate marketing firm. Today, Alicia provides expert insight into how to successfully start a real estate business from halfway around the world. Hear about the prices, taxes, and laws that led her and her partner to invest in the USA, what barriers they had to overcome, how they manage the time zone difference, and how to find the right realtor remotely. Later we discuss the role of marketing in real estate investing. Alicia explains how they use direct mail marketing to land new deals, the importance of considering the demographics of sellers when trying to get off-market leads, and what real estate investing tool they could not do without. For all this and more, tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, Alicia Jarrett. 
  • How Alicia and her partner Matthew ended up doing deals in the US despite being based in Australia with no background in real estate. 
  • Alicia talks about the ‘barriers to entry’ and ‘barriers to success’ she has had to overcome with the additional challenge of distance.
  • How she manages the 14-hour time zone difference. 
  • How much time she and her partner spend in the USA and how if you have the right team you don’t physically need to be there. 
  • Prices, taxes, and other factors that led them to invest in the USA and not Australia. 
  • How to find the right realtor and develop trust with them remotely. 
  • Why when they met their realtor they hired him for a day to drive them around Jacksonville. 
  • What drew them to Jacksonville, Florida as their first and primary market. 
  • How they use direct mail marketing to land new deals. 
  • The importance of considering the demographics of sellers when trying to get off-market leads. 
  • The one real estate investing tool that they could not do without: Supercharged Offers. 
  • One of their biggest mistakes in real estate investing and what they learned from it. 
  • What they are doing to grow their lives to the next level: Reducing their work hours.

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