Whether in urban centers or “futuristic” suburban areas, mixed-use developments are steadily gaining ground as a housing trend among residential homebuyers. Of course, this means that mixed-use assets present ever more attractive investment opportunities for real estate investors, but how do you get started? Today’s guest is Ari Rastegar, Founder, and CEO of Rastegar Property Company. Ari has established a reputation as a thought leader in real estate with his innovative, technology-driven investment approach and strategies. His real estate investments span 32 cities across eight different states and include multifamily units, mixed-use complexes, storage facilities, and more. As per Forbes magazine, Ari is known locally as “The Oracle of Austin” and, with solid experience in a variety of different asset classes, he is uniquely qualified to share practical insight and advice for investing in mixed-use developments. In today’s episode, he covers how best to enter the mixed-use asset class, from starting small to focusing on capital preservation, and why he advises that you have dedicated teams of experts working on each individual piece of a mixed-use project. Tune in today to learn more!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get better acquainted with Ari Rastegar and his real estate investing business.
  • Learn about mixed-use assets and the mixed-use project Ari is working on in Kyle, Texas.
  • Ari shares his experience with new builds versus buying existing value add projects
  • Why mixed-use investments need to be assessed on a case-by-case basis.
  • Looking to what Ari calls “futuristic suburbanism” when planning mixed-use spaces.
  • How long mixed-use takes from the ground-up depends on the community, the project, and the value creation strategy.
  • Find out how Ari built up his experience in numerous different asset classes by starting small.
  • How he selects areas to invest in using a 70-point proprietary due diligence checklist.
  • Advice for investors starting out in mixed-use: slow and steady wins the race.
  • Why Ari prefers to focus on capital preservation; not losing money is underrated!
  • Vertical versus horizontal mixed-use; why Ari believes you should always keep your consumer’s interests ahead of your own.
  • What investors should consider before investing in mixed-use assets; the value of expertise.
  • Find out why Ari can’t do without great people and what he learned from his biggest mistake.
  • Why Ari believes it’s all about marrying great technology and efficiencies with a great team.

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