Today’s seasoned investor, Michael Episcope, has 25 years of investment and risk management experience under his belt. In today’s episode, he tells us about how his company, Origin Investments, makes the most of opportunity zone investment. He introduces us to the concept of opportunity zones, how they are determined, and how to maximize investor tax advantages, as well as the benefits of using both 1031 exchanges and qualified opportunities. He lets us in on the key things to consider when pursuing an opportunity zone investment and, in closing, he warns about the perils of relying on advice rather than doing the research yourself and talks us through the ways in which Origin Investments was able to weather the storm of a global pandemic. Tune in for some hugely valuable tips on how to leverage multifamily real estate investment for your journey to financial freedom!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today's guest, Michael Episcope of Origin Investments.
  • How Origin Investments came to be.
  • What an opportunity zone actually is.
  • Why Origin Fund ranks highly in terms of fundraising.
  • How opportunity zones are determined.
  • How an investor’s tax advantages can be maximized.
  • The benefit of using 1031 exchanges as well as qualified opportunities.
  • What some of the misconceptions are about investing in opportunity zones.
  • Key considerations when pursuing an opportunity zone investment.
  • The one essential tool Michael uses in real estate investment.
  • Why it is a mistake to rely on advice instead of doing the research yourself.
  • The impact of COVID-19 on Origin Investments as a company.

Tweetables:“Anytime somebody starts a company, it’s because they believe they can do it better.” —  Michael Episcope [0:02:19] “The amount that you’ll earn on a post-tax basis is about 75 percent more in qualified opportunity zone funds.” —  Michael Episcope [0:10:48] “The biggest misconception about investing in qualified opportunity zones is that you’re investing in blighted neighborhoods – and that’s just not true.” —  Michael Episcope [0:12:01] “Everybody is going to be susceptible to market risks. If you stay away from the bad decisions and bad deals out there, overleveraged properties and people taking advantage of your money, then you’re going to do well in the long run.”— Michael Episcope [0:19:15]  “We believe highly in educating our audience, making smart investors. We think it’s good for the entire industry. Our website is also a really great resource for any new investors who are looking to enter the market.” —  Michael Episcope [0:21:19]

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