Whichever career you may find yourself in, the skills you’re learning are likely to be transferrable to the world of real estate investment. Today’s guest, Todd Sulzinger, talks about how his background in corporate finance equipped him with the skills he needed to succeed in multi-family real estate investment with a focus on mobile home parks. We begin our episode with Todd talking about his journey with real estate, starting with turnkey single-family homes. He explains to us why we don’t hear much about people investing in mobile home parks and tells us why they are recession-resistant. Next, we talk about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on mobile home parks and Todd tells us about his three chosen markets and why he prefers them. Todd gives us the inside scoop on the book he recently collaborated on, Success Habits for Super Achievers. In closing, he tells us about a tool he can’t live without, the biggest mistakes he’s made and his vision for Blue Elm Investments’ next chapter. Tune in to today’s episode to hear some lesser-known truths about the real estate investment market. We hope you join us.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing our guest, Todd Sulzinger.
  • Why and how Todd transitioned from a career in corporate finance to real estate investment.
  • How Todd’s background in corporate finance benefitted his career in real estate.
  • The ways in which Todd invested in real estate prior to making it his career.
  • The movement from turnkey single-family homes to multi-family investment.
  • The process of getting educated about syndication.
  • Differences between mobile home parks and other asset classes.
  • Why we don’t hear more about people buying mobile home parks.
  • How to ascertain whether an on-site maintenance person who lives in the park or a third-party property maintenance manager.
  • Why mobile homes are recession-resistant.
  • How Todd’s mobile home parks performed during the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • Todd’s chosen three markets and what lead him to choose them.
  • Todd’s contribution to the book Success Habits for Super Achievers.
  • The one tool that Todd uses in real estate investment that he could not live without.
  • Todd’s biggest investment mistake.
  • The next steps and goals Todd has in mind for himself and his business.

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