Scaling in multifamily can be challenging, but if done in the right ways, the sky is literally the limit. Today we sit with multifamily mogul Josh Cantwell, to talk about scaling strategically, and find out about his transition from transactional business into equity investments. Josh is the CEO of Freeland Ventures and a real estate coach with over 2200 cash-flowing apartments in his portfolio. To fathom how he got to this point, we go back to the beginning. Josh tells us that like so many before him, he never set out to become a real estate investor. Instead, he started out as a financial advisor who earned commission on products sold, yet a series of “aha” moments, Josh was eventually led into real estate. After defining the difference between transactional business and equity investing, Josh details his experiences as a lender and shares how he ultimately became a full-time owner-operator. With several years’ worth of experience to his name, Josh shares how he and his team find, consider, and close new deals. Following this, listeners will benefit from Josh’s helpful 200-door model which helps him price rent on his units. Before we thank Josh for his time, we ask him our famous final four questions. To find out what his most useful real estate investing tool is, his biggest mistakes in the industry, and what he needs to do to grow his life to the next level, be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Welcoming today’s guest, Josh Cantwell.
  • We share a brief introduction about Josh.
  • Josh tells us how he raises capital for private investors.
  • Find out the difference between transactional investing and equity investing.
  • Josh shares the aha moment which helped lead him to pursue a career in real estate.
  • Hear about Josh’s transition from transaction investing to equity investing.
  • Josh expands on his transition from transaction investing to equity investing.
  • We found out how Josh was able to scale so quickly.
  • How Josh and his team find deals that are worth their while.
  • Josh’s thought process on the size of the property and shares the model which helps his team consider units. 
  • What Josh has learned about choosing the right debt.
  • We ask Josh our final four questions.

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