We have often spoken about the importance of mentors when growing your real estate business and acumen, and today we chat to Jenny Gou from Vertical Street Ventures about the benefits she has experienced through mentorship! Jenny currently oversees asset management and investor relations at her company, having gone full-time after leaving her career in the corporate space to pursue multifamily real estate. In our conversation, we cover all the important aspects of finding and connecting with potential mentors, exactly how these relationships can improve your approach and business, and the most important things to keep in mind in this process. Jenny underlines the value of action taken to achieve goals, stressing the necessity to keep moving forward with purpose in order to grow. Listeners will also hear about the unusual development in which Jenny's mentor became her business partner after they realized how well suited they were to working together! This episode covers valuable lessons that Jenny has learned, how to approach people in the right way, and the importance of consistent dedication to networking. For all this and more from Jenny, be sure to listen in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Jenny's corporate background, entry into real estate investing, and forays in multifamily. 
  • The need for a mentor and how Jenny reached this realization in her own journey. 
  • The important factors that Jenny prioritized when looking for a mentor. 
  • Jenny's unusual case of her mentor becoming her business partner! 
  • The importance of the right kind of introduction and research for a prospective mentor relationship. 
  • Jenny's process around the decision to transition into real estate and multifamily investing. 
  • Reflecting on the benefits of the relationship that Jenny has had with her mentor. 
  • Thoughts on seeking out a mentor and putting in place the right building blocks.  
  • How Jenny turned a mentor relationship into a business partnership. 
  • Spreading a wide net and meeting as many people and potential mentors as possible. 
  • The 'final four' with Jenny; her favorite tool, mistakes, growth, and where to find her online!  


"We quickly realized, we wanted to scale up faster, grow faster and really, the only way to do that was to dive into the multifamily side of the business.” — Jenny Gou [0:02:05]

“I wanted somebody who was at that point in their lives that had that success track record that I wanted and I saw for myself and my family.” — Jenny Gou [0:05:13]

“I found somebody who I personally find that had integrity, that had transparency, that had a growth mindset, something that I try to hold myself to day in and day out.” — Jenny Gou [0:05:47]

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