The qualities needed to be an excellent salesperson are the same qualities that are found among successful real estate investors. Today we speak with serial tech entrepreneur and Uvaro CEO Joseph Fung about the many parallels between sales and real estate. We open our conversation by exploring why many real estate professionals are entering the tech space as salespeople. Joseph then shares how his company trains people to sell tech products. Reflecting on his experience, Joseph unpacks the practices that lead to being a top salesperson. After highlighting how many of these practices come naturally to real estate investors, we discuss why the prevalence of technical solutions means that quality salesmanship has never been more important to tech companies. From sales to company-building, we ask Joseph for insights on creating and scaling strong businesses. His answers touch on the importance of company culture, setting values, and hiring the right people. Later, we chat about why Joseph primarily invests in women-led companies before asking him about the tools that he can’t live without, his biggest investing mistake, and what he’s doing to take his life to the next level. Tune in to hear Joseph’s insights on sales, startups, and setting up your company.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing today’s guest, serial entrepreneur and Uvaro CEO Joseph Fung.
  • How real estate professionals have found sales roles in the tech world.
  • Why you don’t need to know how to code to join tech companies.
  • Exploring Uvaro’s unique business model.
  • Hear about the top practices that will boost your sales.
  • Why quality salesmanship is increasingly needed in tech.
  • The importance of setting the right company culture.
  • What Joseph does to ensure that company values are promoted. 
  • Why founders and CEOs need to follow company values.
  • Joseph shares his super secret weapon to scaling startups.
  • Advice on making your first company hires.
  • We talk about why Joseph invests in women-led companies.


“I’ve scaled a number of tech companies and growing a sales team has always been one of the biggest challenges.” — @josephfung [0:02:56]

“If you build a really good culture, you’ll attract the right people and they’ll solve problems and treat your customers well.” — @josephfung [0:10:20]

“Build a shortlist of people who you want to work with and tell them that. When you do end up working together, they become the biggest flag bearers of your company’s culture, vision, and mission.” — @josephfung [0:16:34]

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