When the COVID pandemic hit, numerous experts anticipated that America’s single-family market would experience a downturn. Despite expectations, many single-family investors have thrived through COVID. Today we speak with Real Wealth Network Co-CEO Kathy Fettke about the state of single-family real estate and why real estate is still blessed with abundant opportunity. We open our conversation by talking about Kathy’s background and how she first learned about real estate and creating passive income streams. Then we dive into what the single-family market looked like before the pandemic, with Kathy sharing insights into past trends that the pandemic has only accelerated. Following this, we discuss why some single-family markets have thrived in the face of the pandemic. We touch on how many people have prioritized paying their rent and why good operators haven’t missed many rent collections. A key theme in this episode, we explore ways to minimize your risk, why every city and market behaves differently, and the importance of timing when jumping into new opportunities. Later we ask Kathy about her thoughts on the Biden administration. As she explains, real estate has strengthened during the pandemic. Tune in to hear Kathy’s best practices about thriving within difficult times. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Real Wealth Network Co-CEO Kathy Fettke.
  • Kathy shares details about her background and how she learned to create passive income.
  • Why it’s never too late to learn how to create wealth. 
  • An overview of the pre-pandemic single-family market.
  • How Kathy began her business helping investors buy out-of-state property.
  • Why Kathy’s business has thrived during the pandemic.
  • Tips on finding and investing in lower-risk markets. 
  • Hear Kathy’s view that “market timing is everything.”
  • Insights into new opportunities arising in multi-family. 
  • Why Kathy isn’t fearful of how the Biden administration will impact real estate. 
  • Kathy discusses her current investing strategy and her top areas to buy in.
  • From her most valuable tool to her biggest mistakes, Kathy answers our fast final four questions. 

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