Financial advisors will tell you that playing the long game and investing in stocks is the path to financial independence. But here’s the secret that they don’t tell you — very few financial advisors ever achieve true financial independence themselves. Today we speak with Anti-Financial Advisor, Chris Miles, who teaches entrepreneurs and professionals how they can find financial independence by getting their money to work for them. We open our conversation by diving into Chris’s past as a financial advisor and how he discovered the flawed assumptions underpinning this industry. We then explore the link between cash flow and financial independence before discussing what it means to be caught in the rat race. With incredible openness, Chris shares his story of how he found financial independence before a few critical mistakes and the 2008 recession forced him back into the rat race. We touch on the lessons that he’s learned, the mindset needed to unlock your cash flow, and why adding value to people is a sound money-making strategy. Near the end of the episode, Chris unpacks common financial advice and gives listeners his top tips on expanding their financial literacy. Tune in for more insights on escaping the rat race from Chris Miles, AKA, the Cash Flow Expert.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing Chris Miles, famed “Cash Flow Expert and Anti-Financial Advisor”.
  • Why Chris quit being a financial advisor and began investing in real estate.
  • Getting out of the rat race and the differences between financial independence and freedom. 
  • Chris shares why he left his early retirement to help others.
  • How Chris ended up escaping the rat race for the second time. 
  • Why doing what you love won’t always bring you money.
  • Having a saving versus a spending mindset and the key to managing your finances. 
  • Hear how Chris grew from difficult circumstances and the importance and embracing an abundance mindset. 
  • Exploring the many flaws behind traditional financial advice.
  • Why alternative investment strategies are the key to attaining financial independence. 
  • Tips on how you can expand your financial literacy. 
  • Teaching your children about passive income and how to think about money.

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