In today’s episode, Paul Moore shares his extensive knowledge of Delaware Statutory Trusts (DSTs) and the many reasons why he believes they are beneficial to people who wish to be passive investors. Although, it is common knowledge that DSTs aren’t for everyone, so as part of the discussion today, Paul openly talks about the downsides associated with them. However, negatives aside, if you are interested in earning money without the hassle of managing the properties yourself, this episode will be a great and insightful starting point. Paul offers tips on the ways to find DSTs, the assets that are best suited to DSTs, and how to avoid going through a broker to get them. Paul is not only interested in real estate investing but also has a deep desire to alleviate suffering in the world, in particular, human trafficking. You will hear more about how he has made it his mission to create awareness around this global tragedy and how he goes about raising funds to help fight against it. This is Paul’s second time on the show and his insights are always extremely valuable and hopefully, it will not be his last! 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Paul touches on his transition to mobile home parks and self-storage. 
  • He explains the 1031 exchange and how it negatively affects many investors. 
  • The reason why Paul is a big fan of the Delaware Statutory Trust (DST).
  • The story of the 72-year-old attorney who made Paul aware of the DST and its value.
  • The issues with tenants in common agreements. 
  • Paul openly shares the downsides associated with DSTs. 
  • The types of assets that work best in terms of the DST. 
  • Most people go through a broker to get a DST, but Paul decided to take a different route.
  • In addition to his own company, Paul offers other suggestions on where to find DSTs. 
  • The horrifying revenues generated from human trafficking and how Paul has done his part to combat this. 
  • How the Bonjoro tool has been very useful to Paul in his business. 
  • The failed investment story which is most painful for Paul. 
  • The way saying ‘yes’ to too many things has impacted Paul’s life and why he wants to learn to say ‘no’ more often. 

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