Joining us for this Asset Management Friday segment is Justin Fraser, host of the True Multifamily Podcast and syndicator at 88 Real Estate Capital. In our conversation, we get to hear about Justin's role at the firm and the most recent deal they completed before we dive into our focus of hardening assets and what this means for syndicators. Justin explains what an important part of the real estate game this is, strengthening parts of assets and investments that might cause problems down the road. He explains the simple steps that he and his team take early on with a property and how these easy measures can save a lot of time, money, and trouble for you! Justin also talks about the data he analyzes in this regard, emphasizing crime stats, and the monitoring of repair and maintenance costs. One of the big takeaways that Justin gives us is about how to spend money and his philosophy is one of never cutting corners and getting things done early for everyone's benefit. He also shares his thoughts on what it means to build and maintain healthy relationships with everyone involved with a property, and the amazing results this can facilitate. For all this and more, be sure to listen in with us!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Justin's work in multi-family syndication and asset management and a look at his current portfolio.
  • Unpacking the idea of hardening your asset and why it is so important.
  • Some examples of methods for hardening assets.
  • The dangers that face syndicators who do not harden their assets! 
  • The data points that go into this process; crime statistics, and repairs and maintenance costs. 
  • Mindset around spending money wisely and doing things properly the first time. 
  • Justin's asset management superpower: managing a diverse set of relationships!
  • How to find and connect with Justin online, and where to listen to his podcast.


“My job day to day on the team is asset management. I focus on writing the business plan and running and executing it so that we can deliver results to our investors and make the property a great place to live for our tenants and residents.” — Justin Fraser [0:01:20]

“We want them to be great, qualified tenants before they even get in the door which is the best way to prevent them from messing up your units and to keep your assets strong.” — Justin Fraser [0:02:07]

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