If you play the game right and keep your attitude positive, syndication can be easy, but don’t expect everything to fall into place overnight. Joining us today to talk about his inspiring journey into syndication and how he has achieved so much success in this space is Vinney Chopra. Since coming to the US more than 40 years ago with only seven dollars in his pocket, Vinney has excelled in many areas, including marketing, sales, motivational speaking, and real estate investing. Over the past 12 years, he has honed his skills and has done 29 successful syndications, 14 of those being in just the past three years. Today, Vinney shares his inspirational story, a true rags to riches tale fueled by his relentless positivity that earned him the middle name ‘Mr Smiles’ along the way. Vinney shares his method for scooping up deals in such a competitive market, his philosophy of treating his staff with immense respect, and the ultra-conservative underwriting strategies he implemented after COVID hit too. Some major takeaways from our chat with Vinney are the value of building impeccable relationships with brokers and investors, the ins and outs of his systems-oriented approach to running his businesses, and many golden nuggets about the profitability of positivity. Tune in to get it all.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Vinny’s amazing story: Arriving in the US with seven dollars to syndicating for 4,400 units.
  • How Vinney got the middle name, ‘Mr Smiles’, thanks to his positive attitude after arriving in America.
  • Vinney’s method for finding success in syndication by doing things the right way.
  • How Vinney has closed so many deals by having good relationships with brokers.
  • Vinney’s secrets for building a great legal team and syndication partnership.
  • Why multifamily survived so well during the 2008 crash and the same his happening now.
  • Building relationships with investors and remembering syndication success does not happen overnight.
  • How Vinney oversees the systems in his businesses; why he is called the systems guru.
  • Vinney’s fun-loving approach and secrets for keeping his employees content in their jobs.

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