Systems are key to effective asset management. Joining us today to shed light on SyndicationPro, a streamlined, simple syndication platform, is its founder, Jacob Blackett. As an operator himself, Jacob conceptualized SyndicationPro from his own pain points. This inside, hands-on knowledge has gone a long way in helping them stand out from the rest. In this episode, we hear more about the advantages of this software, including database centralization, time-saving, and effective communication. We also discover how SyndicationPro is integrated with other platforms, like CRMs, and their constant drive to innovate. If you’re looking to take your asset management to the next level with cutting-edge software, this is the episode for you.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Get to know Jacob, his real estate journey so far, and founding SyndicationPro.
  • Benefits of SyndicationPro for asset managers.
  • Standing out — What separates SyndicationPro from other investor portals.
  • How being a real estate operator has helped Jacob deeply understand his clients’ needs.
  • The importance of integration and how SyndicationPro accommodates other software.
  • Other important things operators should know about SyndicationPro.
  • Jacob’s asset management superpower: His super sheets.


“I spend my days in the software and product company while at the same time, raising money, managing my own portfolio and running a real estate firm.” — Jacob Blackett [0:02:03]

“We realize is that our users resonate better with the platform. It’s really a one-of-a-kind tool that our customers use and we put a lot of focus in design and ease of use.” — Jacob Blackett [0:05:15]

“We’re definitely your best technology partner in terms of just staying on the forefront of innovative things you are able to do.” — Jacob Blackett [0:08:09]

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