Scaling is probably one of the ultimate goals of any business, so it’s important to be prepared to manage this growth properly. In today’s episode, Jeff Klotz, of The Klotz Group of Companies joins us to discuss scaling and how they have successfully managed to do it. We hear about the importance of timing, how a good team makes all the difference, and why you need to be ready to face many roadblocks. Along with this, we also talk about Jeff’s obsession with KPIs and how they help the team make informed decisions, and why getting your mind right will get you to the next level every time. If you are looking for some advice on how to effectively scale, this is the show for you!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Hear about Jeff’s background, and what the Klotz Group of Companies does.
  • The key factors and decisions that contributed to Jeff being able to scale his business.
  • Some of the ways Jeff and his team overcame the obstacles of multifamily.
  • The role that KPIs have played in Jeff’s decision-making.
  • Using technology to get ahead and some of the software Jeff and his team utilize.
  • Jeff’s take on mindset and how they think about excellence.


“I think the real challenge in scaling was adding so many new people to that team so quick a period of rapid growth. I’d give credit to the people. I surrounded myself by the absolute best people I could find and we were obsessed with figuring out how to work the best we could together. That’s what really enabled us to grow at such a lightning-fast speed that we did about 10, 12 years ago.” — @JeffKlotz [0:02:19]

“When you’re all working together as one team, with one common goal, you’re dealing with the problems, you’re dealing with the successes, you’re celebrating the wins and victories, it makes a big difference.” — @JeffKlotz [0:03:57]

“It is easy to grow an organization. It is hard to maintain an organization and run an organization that has grown.” — @JeffKlotz [0:09:15]

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