We all have LinkedIn profiles, but how can we use them to actively pursue leads and build lists of prospective investors? Today’s guest is Yakov Smart, who is considered to be the leading expert when it comes to attracting A-list investors and raising capital using LinkedIn. He’s the author of the book, Disrupting LinkedIn, and a sought after authority by top business owners and sales leaders worldwide. Yakov currently focuses on training and consulting others on how to transform their LinkedIn profiles into priceless relationship-building assets. In this episode, he shares with us some tips and tricks for using LinkedIn to maximize engagement, create powerful connections, and get potential investors curious. We discuss time spent on attracting leads, pushing content, using hashtags, and benefitting from your business page, as well as five ways to build lists of prospective investors that Yakov finds useful. Yakov has some impressive, valuable, and easy-to-implement advice for any real estate investor looking to maximize the potential of their LinkedIn profile, so don’t miss this episode!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Yakov tells us about himself and his methodology for helping others attract A-list investors.
  • Why LinkedIn has become so relevant in recent years, since it was purchased by Microsoft.
  • The platform’s powerful SEO capabilities and Yakov’s advice for how your profile should look.
  • LinkedIn profile goals: Establish authority, attract investors, and make them feel understood.
  • Yakov’s view on articles versus featured content – don’t spend all your time writing articles.
  • How much time should one spend on attracting leads? Yakov recommends 15-20 minutes. 
  • Tips for pushing content: Consistency is key, as is engaging with other people’s content.
  • How to use hashtags by picking three to five that relate to the big picture of your business.
  • The benefits of groups and business pages: Engagement, organic reach, and credibility.
  • Yakov’s views about LinkedIn as a worthwhile place to advertise on in 5-10 years.
  • In the final five questions with Lalita, Yakov’s top tools, his biggest career mistake, and more!

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