Sometimes we might forget the importance of community and engagement in the field of real estate and particularly the multi-family sector. Here to talk to us about community management and the best ways to use it as a tool for your business, is Eric Upchurch from Active Passive Income! He has a strong message about getting out of your comfort zone and getting a community involved, with a specific focus on honoring military heroes of the past! Eric explains the reasons he believes community engagement to be so important to all of us, and we talk about some of the events and campaigns which he has run. The conversation also covers the financial impact that community management can have and Eric gives us a few great examples of the results he has seen. We touch on learning fast and taking lessons forward before Eric unpacks his own asset management superpower; as you may have guessed, networking! As a somewhat surprising introvert, Eric needs time to recharge and be alone but that does not mean he does not go out and connect when the time is right! For these and a host of further lessons from a great young voice, listen in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Eric's young career in multi-family real estate after his military service.
  • Why is community engagement so important in the multi-family space?
  • The hero-based approach to real estate that Eric and his company follow.
  • Other initiatives and events that Eric uses to engage the community. 
  • An example of the great results that Eric and his company has seen from these strategies. 
  • How community engagement can affect the financial aspect of the business. 
  • The efficacy of using Facebook Marketplace during and before the coronavirus crisis. 
  • Eric's attitude towards trial and error; learning and moving on as fast as possible. 
  • Eric's asset management superpower; super networking! 


“Two years ago I had zero experience, didn’t even know regular people like us could buy multi-family properties.” — @ADPassiveIncome [0:01:11]

“We believe that not only should veterans own as much of America as possible but we owe it to the communities that we invest in to make them a better place to live.” — @ADPassiveIncome [0:04:01]

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