Today, Kyle Mitchel and Gary Lipsky look back at their latest summit, talk about the raging success that it was, and why you can’t miss out on the next one. The Asset Management Summit was hosted in September and October, and was born out of one question: How do we become best-in-class operators in asset management? To create maximum value, Gary and Kyle got in touch with the best speakers in the business and asked them to share their industry knowledge. For Kyle, this summit wasn’t just about sharing insider tips. It was about breaking down the barrier between competitor and community. Their summit was a space where like-minded individuals could come together, share their know-how, and improve themselves professionally. In this episode, you’ll hear Kyle and Gary’s favorite takeaways from the summit, including system methods for asset management and how to go about asking the right questions. You’ll also catch a glimpse of the future, as the two talk about future summits and a book set to be released in early 2021. Be sure to tune in!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Introducing you to the segment theme of building better systems and becoming a best-in-class operator.
  • Recapping the Virtual Asset Management Summit.
  • Gary and Kyle’s motivation for the summit came from the question: how do we become best-in-class operators?
  • Teasing the next summit which is scheduled for April 2021. 
  • A quick look at how you could have benefited from the summit.
  • Kyle on breaking down the barrier between community and competitors.
  • Their top three takeaways from the summit.
  • Discover the value of having useful asset management systems. 
  • Using the correct systems to help you ask the right questions.
  • Understand the importance of managing the managers, specifically property managers.
  • Gary goes into his favorite aspects of the summit and the things he learned.
  • Hear about the need for great communication.
  • If you missed the summit, there are over 40 recordings available.
  • Looking ahead to the launch of their book in 2021.


“We brought the best speakers to our summit to talk about their practices and we weren’t disappointed. We had over the 1,800 people that registered – I mean the feedback has been tremendous, so we are really excited how well it went ” — @garylipsky [0:01:33]

“We’re going to host another one in April, that will only be seven days. We’re still working on that but what an amazing event and it really comes down to the speakers. They shared so much value, every single one of them.” — @kyle_wang1  [0:01:49]

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