When it comes to investing and managing a large portfolio, fortune definitely favors those who know when to take risks but more importantly, when to exercise diligence and caution. Today on the show we were lucky to speak about all the ways that we could become better multifamily syndicators with the famous Gino Barbaro! For listeners newer in the game, Gino has over $100 million, or 1400 units in real estate under management, is a bestselling author, successful coach, and also co-host of The Jake and Gino Show! We hear from Gino about how he threw in the towel with his restaurant business and took a few risks early on to grow a small portfolio with his partner Jake. He speaks about all the lessons he learned while studying to be a personal coach, and how this fed into his approach to real estate thereafter. Gino has many wise sayings he shares with listeners today. Putting them to work will help you learn how to buy and invest smartly so that when things go south (like they are now!) your deal structure is fortified enough for you to not have to sell. Joining this discussion, you’ll also hear Gino share some of his best practices for self-managing, such as at which scale you should stop outsourcing, what software to use, and how to structure tenant leases. For all this and a whole lot more from a legend in the business make sure you tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • How Gino broke into real estate and started his show after owning a restaurant.
  • The amount of help coaching school gave Gino for overcoming limiting beliefs.
  • Scaling from 200 units initially to 1400 and knowing when to slow down.
  • The role that software plays in monitoring and managing a scaled portfolio (KPIs).
  • Tips for catching delinquencies which becomes more important as you scale.
  • Why Gino brought property management in house and grew that side of his business.
  • At which point in your scale using a property management company stops being effective.
  • Benefits of self-managing for investor assurance at the expense of less revenue.
  • How Gino’s ‘buy right...’ motto helps him walk from deals and weather the current storm.
  • Letting go of wanting to do everything yourself; hiring right as you scale.
  • Advice for new syndicators who want to learn the game: college and shadowing.
  • Deposit and software-related creative habits of Gino’s from a management standpoint.
  • Ultimate goals for Gino: it’s not about the money, but keeping ego in check and loving Florida.
  • Gino’s favorite tool, biggest mistake in real estate, and tips for growing a business.
  • Identifying with the right people to influence you toward a growth mindset.

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