Where do you want to be in ten or twenty years from total monthly income perspective? Are you interested in passive real estate investments that will allow to live off the money you make on them in the meantime, while also continuing to increase in value? Today’s guest is David Gwilt, an active duty USAF Officer, Realtor, Real Estate Investor, and financial analyst for an apartment investing firm. David and his wife, Tasha, purchase apartments to create passive income and generational wealth, and they’re helping others do the same. Find out about David’s real estate journey, and why he chose to get into multifamily real estate in the first place. He also shares with us what he looks for when choosing to make an investment and some possible red flags that might cause him to pass up on a deal. Tune in for some great advice on beginning with your end financial goal in mind!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • David gives us a glimpse into his background and his multifamily real estate journey.
  • Concerns prior to investing in multifamily syndications.
  • Why David and his wife chose multifamily real estate.
  • Adjusting projections as investments progress based on actual returns.
  • David tells us about his first passive multifamily investment and what attracted him to it.
  • Delayed distributions during the pandemic from a passive investor’s perspective.
  • David discusses some red flags and potential reasons to pass on a deal.
  • How David decides on other investment criteria like property class.
  • What retirement looks like for David and his wife.
  • Active versus passive investment in real estate.
  • David shares with us his biggest mistake in real estate investing and what he learned.


“In the multifamily space, we can scale a lot quicker, so we can do more passive investments, we can do bigger passive investments” – David Gwilt [0:06:40]

“That’s… [what] really got us into this space, is the ability to have an asset that throws off cash that we can live off of and enjoy while the asset is also increasing in value, so it gives us something of a legacy to leave to our family” – David Gwilt [0:09:52]

“The operators, for me, are key. A good operator can take an average deal and make it great. A bad operator can take an excellent deal and make it bad” – David Gwilt [0:16:04]

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