For this edition of Asset Management Fridays, we are joined by the up and coming Spencer Hilligoss from Madison Investing! As a relatively young mind in the multifamily game, Spencer brings enthusiasm and a sense of purpose to his work, believing strongly in communication and authenticity. Our conversation today centers on relations with investors and Spencer shares some great lessons he has learned about giving investors what they need while taking care of assets in the best way for everybody. We discuss frequency of communication, the best things to share and update on, and keeping a difficult conversation on course and timely. Spencer does not shy away from talking about the touchy stuff and states that if done in the right way, investors will be thankful. For this great chat with a fresh talent in the world of multifamily, join us today! 


Key Points From This Episode:

  • Spencer's path to real estate and how he landed in multi-family recently. 
  • Communicating with investors and Spencer's approach to this task. 
  • What to include in investor reports and why Spencer focusses on pictures. 
  • The biggest lessons that Spencer has learned thus far! 
  • Important factors for investors; timely and adult communication.
  • Spencer's asset management superpowers; authenticity and communication.  


“We do a monthly update for the vast majority of our projects.” — @SpenceHilligoss


“I try to really go above and beyond and communicate with both authenticity as well as just keeping it clean and simple on the monthly updates.” — @SpenceHilligoss [0:03:30]

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