Like many forms of investing, real estate investing is a long-term wealth accumulation strategy with long-term outcomes. When you understand this basic principle, you go through market fluctuations with more ease and remain confident about the returns you will reap in the future. At the same time, however, it is about realizing that investing always carries some risk. Joining us to speak on this topic is Tamar Hermes, a full-time real estate investor, and educator. She is the CEO of Wealth Warrior Woman where she guides women on how to become financially free by teaching them to understand the numbers, options, and strategies in real estate. Tamar discusses what she as a passive investor is doing to mitigate the risks of the current recession, what deal sponsors can do to be proactive, and advises investors about how they should think about the possible postponement of their distributions. For her, this is a unique opportunity for people in the industry to reset their mindsets about investing and part with the fears they often revert to in times of crisis. She also shares her views on how multifamily will do in the next five years and tells listeners more about her coaching program and private consultancy. 

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Helping other women to understand the opportunities in real estate investing. 
  • What motivated Tamar to get into real estate investing and multifamily more recently.
  • The importance of understanding that investing is a long-term endeavor.
  • Tamar’s strategy for mitigating the risks of the current economic crisis.
  • Ideas for what sponsors can do to be proactive in these circumstances. 
  • Tamar’s thoughts when she was told that distributions would be postponed for the time being. 
  • Why this is an opportunity for investors to adjust their mindsets and approach. 
  • The two phases of a sponsor: wealth generation and capital preservation. 
  • How Tamar’s anticipates the recession to impact her returns as an investor.
  • Thoughts on how multifamily will perform over the next three to five years. 
  • Advice to help people overcome the scarcity mindset and fear of investing in real estate. 
  • Learn about Tamar’s coaching program and private consultancy for women. 
  • Why it is necessary to fully understand the paperwork when buying a property.


“I am a long-term investor and I think that is something that we all need to take to heart right now. Because like any investment, it is really a long-term game if you want to grow wealth.” — @tamarhermesintl [0:14:43]

“We like to be comfortable and whenever we step into those uncharted waters, it feels really scary for a lot of people and so I think part of it is taking small steps.” — @tamarhermesintl [0:14:43]

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