When it comes to real estate investing, you could have the best investment strategies or the most unique business model, but without the correct mindset, you’re unlikely to make it very far. By continuing to let self-limiting beliefs dictate your choices, you will always make decisions from a position of fear, which will hold you back from your potential. Our guest today, Steven Pasevento, is the host of the Investor Mindset Podcast and an active investor who has flipped over 150 homes within his first two years in the business. One of his core beliefs is that investing in yourself leads to the biggest return on investment, which is why he is a proponent of putting in the work to change your mindset. In this episode, we learn about Steven’s background and how he has managed to achieve real estate success despite starting with very limited capital. By not giving into self-doubt, he was able to achieve more than he ever dreamed of. He wanted to share these lessons with others, which prompted him to start his Investor Mindset podcast. After interviewing over 100 people, who are all at the top of the game, he noticed a pattern: It is important to have your mind in the right place, to have the right thoughts and beliefs so that you can take the right actions in your life.

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about Steven’s background and his experience in real estate so far.
  • Find out Steven’s motivation for starting The Investor Mindset podcast. 
  • What happened when Steven entered into a head-to-head negotiation with Chris Voss.
  • Why embracing challenges rather than running away from them will lead to greater growth.
  • How to build up discipline, which is a crucial mindset tool that will help you succeed.
  • Why adopting a growth mindset helps you reframe mistakes as learning opportunities.
  • A small action you can take today to shift your mindset into a more positive one.
  • Break down your large goal into small, actionable daily steps to not feel overwhelmed. 
  • Final four questions with Steven: A tool he can’t live without, his biggest mistake, and more.

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