We know that having a diverse investment portfolio is important for you to be able to weather any storms. So, what if there was a way to use your 401(k) or IRA to invest in real estate? Luckily there is, and today’s guest, Dmitriy Fomichenko, is here to share more on solo 401(k)s and checkbook control, which are both vehicles that help you cast a wider investment net. We kick off the episode by learning more about what self-directed IRAs and solo 401(k)s are. We learn about the advantages of each of them, along with the specific criteria that need to be met to hold either of these investment vehicles. We then move onto why checkbook control is preferable over a custodial account. Not only it is more flexible, but you also save on fees. From there, we look at how W-2 employees can use a side job to benefit from UBIT tax. Finally, we round the show off with some final advice from Dmitriy and his last four questions. Be sure to tune in today!

Key Points From This Episode:

  • Learn more about Dmitriy’s background and what he’s currently involved with.
  • Find out what self-directed IRAs are.
  • Solo 401(k)s: What they are, fulfilling criteria to get one and some powerful benefits.
  • Custodial account versus checkbook control: The differences and pros of a checkbook.
  • Some common prohibited actions associated with 401(k)s and IRAs.
  • Consequences of committing prohibited actions and the importance of knowing the ropes.
  • The benefits of using a solo 401(k) over an IRA for real estate investing.
  • How W-2 employees can benefit from UBIT and the importance of having multiple incomes.
  • Find out how Dmitriy started investing in multifamily syndications.
  • Self-directed IRAs and solo 401(k)s are incredibly versatile investment vehicles!
  • Final four questions with Dmitriy His biggest mistake



“Solo 401(k) is a great alternative to self-directed IRA. Solo 401(k) is specifically designed for those people who are self-employed or own a small business..” — @dfomichenko [0:04:36]

“Solo 401(k) is designed as a trust of which you are the trustee as a client.” — @dfomichenko [0:07:46]

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